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  Joanne Sharkey & Gregory Meyding

  198 Wilber Hill Road

  Unadilla, New York

  Phone:  607-783-2640





Our seasonal jams bring a burst of fresh fruit flavor to warm muffins, scones or croissants, or use them to fill pastries or top desserts! 

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Description Size Price Available Order
Concord Grape Jelly 9 oz. 7.00 OCT  
Sour Cherry Preserves 9 oz. 7.00  

Raspberry Pear Jam 9 oz. 7.00 SEP  

Blueberry Black Currant Jam

Aromatic black currants and sweet blueberries

9 oz. 7.00  

Cherry Berry Jam

A mélange of summer berries

9 oz. 7.00  

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb

9 oz. 7.00  

Gooseberry Black Currant Jam
A robust blend of earthy black currants and crisp gooseberries

9 oz. 7.00  

Red and Black Currant Jam

9 oz. 7.00  

Elderberry Plum Jam

Crimson plums and wild elderberries

9 oz. 7.00  

Ginger Rhubarb Jam

Tart rhubarb and spicy ginger

9 oz. 7.00  

Ginger Pear Jam

9 oz. 7.00 SEP  


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Last modified: 09/20/17